ABOUT Spiritual Sky OILS

Since ancient times mankind has used distilled essences to create beautiful fragrances for varied purposes. As demand has grown, natural resources have become limited and as a result natural oils have increased in value enormously. Some now exceed $12,000 per kg! Most manufacturers closely guard the secret recipes of exactly which combinations of natural, nature
identical and manufactured oils are used in their products. Entirely natural products are – as the name suggests – entirely natural. Nature identical products are generally manufactured from a combination of natural products none of which may be related in any way to the fragrance that they eventually imitate. Manufactured products frequently comprise a combination of both natural/nature identical and man-made compounds.

Spiritual Sky oils have been bottled in Australia since 1973, initially in central NSW, moving to a S.E. Queensland location in recent years. We are proud to continue the traditions of the world’s great fragrance houses and source our oils from many different manufacturers in Australia and throughout the world. Each of our perfumed oils has been subjected to rigorous testing for fragrance and quality before we accept it as being worthy of our customers.

Whilst we are unable to reveal the exact ingredients list of our products (we have been unable to convince our suppliers to share their secrets with us) we can confidently assure our valued customers that all our oils are of the finest quality, bottled with pride and care right here in S.E. Queensland. Some of our oils (for example Patchouli) are, in fact, a completely natural product (100% essential oil). Others, such as Patchouli Amber, contain a very small percentage of nature identical oil and are up to 95% natural.

We are sure you will get much enjoyment from these outstanding perfumed oils and we look forward to continuing the tradition of supplying a quality product for many years to come.


ABOUT Spiritual Sky Incense

Spiritual Sky Incense is hand-made in the majestic Mangamuka Hills, Northland, New Zealand. It is hand-dipped with quality oils and bamboo burning sticks, exactly the way it has traditionally been made for centuries!  

Incense is wonderful for cleansing homes, keeping flies & bugs away, removing odours, in ceremonies, freshening the car, easing stress & bringing peace and contentment.

Research has proven that people feel happy when they use incense, and the individual scents often remind us of wonderful memories. We often hear from people who used the same incense in their teens and have great stories to tell!

So please put your feet up, relax, read through our website, shop a bit and just enjoy!

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